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The Accatur Diagnostics Companies have become leaders in compliance relative to Opioid Toxicology. The Companies, founded by Ellen Batzel Palm-Leis, attorney at law, protect and enhance the reputation of their clients. The Accatur Companies have been at the forefront of developing toxicology standards in California.

As more and more states are developing mandates for opioid prescription therapy, the focus has been placed on evidence based guidelines nation-wide. A patient must be tested on a regular basis if using opioids (or suspected of using opioids) as part of his pain management therapy. Accatur has the ability to provide a variety of in-office collection programs; Accatur also has programs that use over 2,100 independent collection sites nation-wide through a sister company, for physicians who want that extra layer of protection from chain of custody or conflict of interest issues.

Ms. Palm-Leis Bio:

Ms. Palm-Leis (BA, University of Pennsylvania; JD, University of Pennsylvania; and LLM, Georgetown University), is a member of the State Bars of California, Pennsylvania (inactive), the District of Columbia, and North Carolina; she has an extensive background representing technology, biotechnology, and scientific instrumentation companies.

She has served in senior management and on the boards of directors of companies in the public and private sectors. A former law professor, she currently serves as a member of the legal advisory council for the western region of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and has been a contributing writer to newspapers, legal journals and publications of the California Continuing Education of the Bar; she also has served on the Bar Exam Writing Committee for the State Bar of North Carolina.

Ms. Palm-Leis has counseled heroin addicts in a hospital-based methadone maintenance program, represented convicted felons through a pro bono program run through the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, and, currently, through her privately owned healthcare companies, sets up and manages toxicology programs for persons on opioid management. One of two lay persons invited to participate in the 2004-2008 Education for Ministry Program run by the Los Angeles Episcopalian Diocese, Ms. Palm-Leis has taught Sunday School for the Episcopalians in California, and Bible School for the United Church of Christ in Pennsylvania.


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